Anna Guider

Anna Dean Guider, 21 years old, lives in Northville and graduated from Northville High School in 2011. She sang in both TheTreble Makers and The Chamber Choir. Anna also played ‘Jemima’ in a NHS production of the musical “CATS”. She is extremely talented, playing just about every instrument and is a singer/song-writer. Anna is also a Raw Vegan and is presently working on putting together a cookbook.
Anna came to Bikram because of a photograph. The Summer before her Junior year she started sneaking into the Novi Sports Club, with friends who had memberships, to work out. This went really well until she got caught and was told not to return. She started spending more time in the computer lab at school where she acquired a deep interest in Astrology. This led her to images of yoga poses and one day she came across someone in Standing Bow. “I had to find out what was going on there!” She Googled Bikram Yoga studios and found Ernie and Melissa’s Plymouth studio. Anna clearly remembers her first class being taught by Jenelle. “She was wearing these flowy maroon pants. And she was so cool! Honestly she kind of scared me though.” She liked it so much she went back the very next day and took Katherine’s class. However, in this class she turned green and almost passed out before Eagle! She didn’t take seriously how important it is to be hydrated. Eventually she fell in love with the practice.
In the Fall of 2012 Anna went to California to attend Bikram’s Teacher Training. She has become an extremely gifted and passionate teacher. If you’ve never taken Anna’s class, it’s time. You’ll never regret it and quite possibly some of her passion may rub off on you!