Arden Bow

Arden Bow
Despite not knowing about that very intentional component, Arden knew full well that yoga in general has the capacity to heal. (Arden had actually taken two semesters of Hatha yoga in college.) It turned out that the high temperature inside the Bikram Yoga studio only served to enhance Arden’s experience. “What brought me back was how wonderful I felt after the class – so relaxed and comfortable,” says Arden who counts swimming and martial arts among his interests outside of yoga. An additional boon was the fact that Arden felt he had obtained a hearty workout – minus the punching or kicking, and without having to slam weights. “It continues to provide an excitement, and I look forward to the times during the week when I get to teach,” he says. Furthermore, Arden is drawn to the welcoming atmosphere of Bikram Yoga Plymouth and says that he values how students are supported here, regardless of their level of health.
So what drives Arden on his journey to teach Bikram Yoga? His reply says it all: “I focus on the benefits and healing, and what comes from that is just a natural progression and flow that really is kind of uplifting to witness.” Subsequently, Arden’s ultimate hope for his students is that they get all they can out of their respective practice. “My wish is that they get a 100% benefit from all the postures, spontaneous healing, and miracles in their lives,” says Arden, who has been teaching since June 2006.
Arden recently celebrated his 29-year wedding anniversary with his wife, Cheryl. He currently works in the field of executive security and served 25 years as a member of the Michigan State Police before retiring as Post Commander. He is also an avid reader who enjoys attending workshops, particularly those which provide guidance on how to coach effectively. One workshop he thoroughly enjoyed was about a program called Radical Forgiveness, which, as the name suggests, is predicated on releasing the pain and self-destructive patterns that serve as the proverbial road blocks to joy and abundance. “If you don’t forgive, it’s like drinking the poison and hoping the other person dies,” Arden says, paraphrasing the author of the aforementioned quote.
Arden’s parting words are directed toward those who have yet to try Bikram Yoga: “The best part about Bikram is once you try it,” he says. “I could tell you all about it and what the experience has done for me and other people, but the true benefit comes when you actually come into the class and try if for yourself. Then you’ll get that feeling of whatever you need. Whether it’s relaxation so that you’ll sleep better, or you have a tight or frozen shoulder, or low back pain. It addresses whatever issue you have.”